How You Can Help


Harness our own passion in the area of Art and Service.

We would like to invite all art-lovers and artists - so that, together we could make some of their dreams a reality, even as we harness our own passions synergizing Art and Service in whatever ways possible, by extending help... support... sharing and referring...

  • As Artist, Special Educators - you could help take art sessions and help in therapy; Get on Board to help us as Advisors/Patrons - your expertise will take us far and wide in our activities.
  • As a Home for the Specially-Abled - invite us to do some of these therapy sessions for your wards and give us reference of some fine artists that you've come across who needs to be recognized.
  • Corporates/Architects - As customers, your finest interiors can be decked up with the works of many specially abled artist - and that can be your best CSR effort!
  • Gallery Owners - You can invite us across India to show case these works in your own city and run these 'Charity Art Shows'.
  • Sponsor these events - Your brand name will be up and very visible for a noble CSR cause...
  • Health Care Organizations - Your best efforts can help these artists find the much required healthcare support.
  • Just art-lovers? You will be in for a surprise when you see these fine works of art at the charity shows. You will also be chipping in a bit more when you buy some of these deserving works.
  • Buy Works of art and again 80G Donor receipt a cool 50% Tax Rebate you'd earn when you file your next tax returns.