Dear Mr. Ramana,
Thank you for your kind invite to the Foto Art show. I feel that your commitment to taking Individual Social Responsibility to a high level is indeed exemplary. Please accept my heartiest congratulations & best wishes for a successful Art show. 
A.M. Naik
Chairman & Managing Director - L&T
I appreciate the efforts by you and my blessings and good wishes are always with you. Please do not hesitate to seek help and support from me.
I will be happy to be of any support.
K.V. Rangaswamy
– Former Advisor to Mr. A.M. Naik, and Former Member Board, President, L&T
Thanks for the opportunity. Regards - Vasanth Sai
Appreciate your work on Individual Social Responsibility initiative. God Bless.
K. Venkataramanan 
Chief Executive Officer & Managing Director 
Larsen & Toubro Limited
Congratulations on your wonderful work.
Dr Vasudha Prakash - V-Excel
Congrats. Happy to note "You are doing well by doing good". Pray for your continued success. 
With kind regards. Gopal T V
Thanks Ramana. Nice to see your ISR initiative grow. Looking forward to supporting your efforts. Good luck.
R Shankar Raman, CFO L&T
Great work! I am glad to share with you that we think on the same lines, except that we did a little bit of backward integration and have been training these differently abled children since 2004. 5 of them have won national awards. I would like you to consider Suvedha who is also a National award winner. She is totally hearing and speech impaired.
Dr.S.Sunder M.D, Consultant Physiatrist and Medical Director, PREM Center,

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