About Us

HeART BEAT Foundation is an initiative by the family with key purpose... backed by eminent artists, socialites, professionals and friends who care for 'ART BY AND FOR THE SPECIAL PERSONS'.


We have witnessed beautiful ART emerge from a sharp-creative mind,unfortunately trapped in a body that fails to cope up,cooperate or even refuse to budge to the commands of the brain. That is Where HeART BEAT Foundation comes in!
It has been observed that the specially / differently abled do reveal distinct creative sparks in their works of art.Their wandering minds do often reflect tremendous tenacity that their creativity has seen and conquered the peak,while their body has tried to say  'Quits'.
Their Works on paper,canves or with any media take new form and shapes that seem impossible;given their limited physical agility.
It is their way of expressing their  'silent exploration' and sharing with the rest of the world that they have broken the barriers of time and space. All and sundry may not be enamored.

They have done what you and i could not achieve with a strong and able body. And this is what has caught the awe of Trustees at HeART BEAT Foundaion. Like Music Theraphy, Art is also a Therapy  for many...
The HeART  BEAT Foundation is a culmination of all these thoughts. it is an initiative that would seek to help the specially and differently abled in finding therapeutic relief through art.HeART BEAT Foundation seeks to provide:
  • Exclusively showcase their works of art
  • Gain endorsement and recognition in the Society
  • Seek a fair price for their work of art
  • Bring financial independence/support to them and their families.
  • Help continue with their required aid, therapy and stay in special schools.

"Ramana has been in career for 38 years across marketing, advertising, corporate communicatuions, PR and CSR across many leading companies....the last of which was L&T.In April 2014, with family and friends, he started a Trust ~ HeART BEAT Foundation to promote art by the specially-abled artists.
HBF is an 80G Trust today, Which holds art shows by 5 select disabled artists; these shows are held at most popular art galleries.
HBF has generated over Rs 16 lacs through this, and entrie proceeds go to these artists.
Art customers get Donor Receipt 80G that can get them Tax Rebate. As HBF go along,the Trust hopes to offer art training and provide art therapy too. HBF is seeking corporate support in our CSR efforts....
While for long, Ramana always wished to get back to his painting ~ that was in the back-burner: but when he saw art by the specially-abled, he derives more joy by making their works translate into funds for health, medication and living.

Varakur Srinivasan Ramana is a Corporate Communications, PR professional, also with a Corporate Social Responsibility role. A Bachelor in Commerce from the Madras Christian College, Tambaram, Madras University.
Ramana holds a Diploma in Cartooning from the 'Raye Burns School of Cartooning', Cleveland in USA.
He has the eyes and hands of an artist and the Heart to reach out as well!
A writer, singer, traveller, photographer, cartoonist, Ramana has leveraged art that just runs into his DNA, from his maternal uncles; Sri S Rajam - the eminent artist and the artiste; and the Veena Maestro Sri S Balachander.
Ramana's eldest brother Dr V.S.Gopalakrishnan - IAS Retired, initiated Ramana into cartooning during early school days. Gopalakrishnan who retired from IAS Maharashtra cadre, was subsequently the Director General, World Trade Centre [1995-2005] in Mumbai, was himself a painter as well Cartoonist [from the same Raye Burns School]. Gopal's cartoons have appeared in Shankar's Weekly, has held many art exhibitions [in India and Paris] and has also published two books on Poems plus Cartoon Books captioned 'Bureaucrat goes Berserk'.
Ramana's early initiation into photography was by his other brother Sri V S Ravi - with 'Diana' box camera and 'Agfa Isoly'.
His career spans over 36 years, across DCM Group, Speer Advertising, Ranbaxy, Cadilla and L& T,
Ramana has been a part of this 'Giving;', since 1999 - as a part of PRAYAS Delhi  www.prayaschildren.org
At L& T Construction, he has been leading the company's CSR Team and been on the CII-CSR Sub-Committee as well.
At Chennai's PRSI [Public Relations Society of India], Ramana has held sessions/seminars on CSR, initiating many speakers from NGO's & Companies to share and to effectively be engaged on CSR.

Jayashree has seen her part of fine career with a firm of Electronics Consulting Engineers in New Delhi; The Spastic Society of Northern India, Delhi and later at Prayas Trust Chennai - www.ecc-prayas.org , where she is a Member, and had heldpositions as Secretary and Trustee.

Nishkamya is a soft-natured Doctor, a spontaneous giver and an artist as well. As an ace Tamil Nadu Throwball champion, she played her way into gaining a seat at the Coimbatore Medical College, Peelamedu in 2008, now in pursuit of MD/MS.

...because our HeART Beats for ART and for a lot more deserving 'Special' causes and 'Special People'...
HeART BEAT Foundation musters art-training, supports art-material and aids, holds exclusive 'Charity Exhibition & Sale' of works of art by the Specially-abled, along with collaborators/support-groups, garners resources for the needy.
The entire proceeds of the show goes to support the artist. An event in 2014 garnered Rs. 4 lacs for a single beneficiary!

Friends of HeART BEAT Foundation include eminent personalities like: 
Artist - Actor Sivakumar, Maniam Selvan, Director Vasant Sai, Lakshmi Venkatraman, Nina Reddy, Artist Bhagwan Chavan, Rahool Saxena, Lakshu Narasimhan...

Registered as a Public Charitable Trust - Under Section 12 AA of the Income Tax Act of 1961 with effect from 01/04/2015 with Unique Registration No.  An 80G TRUST URNo:AABTH2777E/05/15-16 /T-0739/80G Order Dated 27.12.2016.

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